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Alma Mater
Far above the Saint Croix Valley, Where the tide makes in, Stands our dear old C.M.H.S. Honors bound to win. Field or platform, court or diamond We will do our best. Hail! to thee our Alma Mater, Hail, C.M.H.S.

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How to Have Your Information Posted

E-mail or snail mail your news to me, and I will include you in the "What's Happening" section  with your class. Please include your Graduation Year. Have old pictures to share, stories to tell,  or suggestions for other items to include? Send them to Karen Howell, 467 Yarborough Way, The Villages FL 32162,  or e-mail Please include "Calais," "CMHS,"  Class Year or some identifier  in subject field  otherwise  I may think the e-mail is spam and delete it without reading.

100th Birthday
My first grade teacher, Maxine Giberson, is turning 100 on August 12th!  I had the pleasure of visiting with her last October and she is sharp as a tack!  I am looking forward to attending her birthday celebration next week as well.  She lives in an assisted living apartment in Houlton and loves getting mail.  I thought perhaps cards from former students might be a nice addition to her celebration.  Her address is:  Mrs. Maxine Giberson, 20 Lee Court, Apt. 15, Houlton, ME. 04730. I'm not sure how many years she taught in Calais - she and her late husband, Hamilton Giberson, moved to Houlton in 1963.  He was the Superintendent of schools.
Cathy (Brown) Lemin - Bangor, ME CMHS Class of 1974


Class of '62 
Please join us to relive old memories and create new ones. Friday July 31 - Get Re-acquainted Evening - Wickachee Restaurant  7 pm Hord'oeuvres, Cash Bar. Saturday August 1 - Reunion Dinner - Wickachee Restaurant - 6 pm Social (Cash Bar) - 7 pm Reunion Dinner. Sunday August 2 - Optional - Breakfast at the Wickachee (on your own). 

Class of '70 
The class of 1970 will be holding its 45th Reunion on August 7 at the Townhouse.  Happy Hour 5-6 with finger foods to follow. Music begins at 9:00. Cost is $15 per person. Classes of 1969 and 1971 are invited to join us at 8:00.   Gayle Moholland

Class of '60 - 55th Class Reunion Calais August 2015  FINAL
If you have any interest in helping or coming to Calais for the reunion, please get in touch with either Earl Hill @ or Gary Nixon at
Plans for the 55th class reunion are as follows:
Friday August 7th at the Methodist Homes Rec Center (for those who do not know where the Rec Center is located – go past Walmart and the hospital on South Street and take  Palmer Street to the end of the street.   You will see the Methodist homes “rec center” sign and we will have balloons out to mark the turn.   Parking will be limited so you may need to park on the street.  There will be a handicap parking spot by the building which we will keep blocked off for Stan who is still recovering from a stroke. If there are other classmates who need parking next to the building, please let Gary or Earl know. The “meet and greet” will start at 5 p.m. Classmates are encouraged to bring snack food, chips or drinks (this is optional).  Marjorie and Carole have bought plates, cups, napkins and will get a veggie platter.  We have arranged to order pizza from Jo’s Diner and will ask for donations from attendees to go toward the cost of the pizza.  Pizza should be ready around 6. 
Saturday night August 8th we will meet at 6 p.m. at the Wickachee Dining room on Main Street.   We have the banquet room downstairs and they have asked us to park in the back of the restaurant and use the back door.   There will be a cash bar.   To make it easier on the waiting staff, they have prepared five choices at a special price but anyone can also order from the menu.  This restaurant takes Canadian money at par so it is a great savings to use Canadian currency as the US dollar is stronger than the Canadian dollar and it will be savings of approximately 25 percent off the price of the meals IF you use Canadian funds. Gary and Earl will handle the program at the  Wickachee and Coburn will say the blessing.  Gary will do the memorial for deceased classmates.   Classmates will be encouraged to tell the others about themselves.
On Sunday morning August 9th, classmates will meet at the Wickachee at 7:30 for breakfast (also off the menu).
We have around 56 people coming to Calais for some or all of the events.      If Classmates who were uncertain they could attend would still like to come to one or all of the events we would love to see you there.   Let Gary or Earl know you are coming.   It is not too late to be part of the celebrations!   The International parade starts at 12 noon from Calais to St Stephen.   
Looking forward to seeing everyone!    Best to all, Carl and Heather

 Class of 1975
Class of 1975 40th Reunion
Thursday, 8.6.15, 8:00 pm to whenever – Pub crawl Main St. Start at the Townhouse and finish at the Motor Inn.
Friday, 8.7.15, anyone’s guess or meet at someone’s house or camp. Could get a round of golf in during the day?
Saturday, 8.8.15, 2 pm to 5 pm – Meet inside the Calais Motor Inn to check in/reminisce with classmates. Then at 5pm head outside to the beer tent

 Hope to see everyone.  
Gus Libby, Cell  207-314-0599, Email

Class of '66  
Trying to start planning a big class reunion for 2016.  It will be 50 years. I need all the help I can get please email me  and stay in touch.

Phillip Townsend & http://facebook/ 

Calais Memorial High School

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